Shogun Teppanyaki by Chef Danilo “Dan” Bello

Teppanyaki is a Japanese technique of grilling a variety of ingredients on an iron plate. Its name is derived from two words: teppan or an iron plate, and yaki, meaning grilled or broiled. Teppanyaki refers to a variety of dishes cooked in the aforementioned way.

Steaks, seafood, chopped vegetables, rice, and dough-based foods such as yakisoba fried noodles are some of the most popular types of teppanyaki.

Watch how Chef Dan cook Shogun Teppanyaki Set |Tiger Prawn |Beef Tenderloin |Foie Gras |Big Scallop, The iron plate is often placed in front of the customers so they can watch the chefs work.

Performed by: Chef Danilo “Dan” Bello TEPPANYAKI SHOGUN SET