Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 1800ML

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Nose : outstanding finesse. In a similar fashion to a great white Sancerre from the most spectacular terroirs of Chavignol, it displays phenomenal minerality (limestone, slate). It develops notes of ripe grape, exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) and refined herbaceous notes (vine flowers, hay). Crystal-clear, it embodies youth.

Palate : refined, complex. Its opening is utterly vivacious (freshly squeezed lemon juice, Williams pear). Heady and expressive, it is particularly fruity (melon, Golden Delicious apples) and spiced (nutmeg, coriander). It gradually takes on a floral aspect (iris, lily).

Overall : long, fresh. Slightly medicinal (balm), it also has a balsamic (pine, cedar) and earthy (moss, mushroom) character. It shows great maturity. The retro-olfaction is characterised by notes of apricot and nectarine. Yet again, the empty glass perceptibly refers back to the Monts Damnés (in the Sancerre region).

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Dassai 23 1800ML

1800 ML

Dassai 23 720ML

720 ML


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