Dassai #39 Junmai Daiginjo 720ML

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Produced by the Asahi Shuzo brewery, Dassai 39 is a premium sake of the junmai daiginjo type, which means that the rice used has been polished to more than 50% and no alcohol has been added. As the name suggests, this premium sake has a residual rice grain content of 39% so that only the noblest part of the rice remains; the heart.

The finesse of its aromas is a perfect accompaniment to shellfish, fish in sauce and grilled or steamed vegetables.

Sake or nihonshu is a Japanese alcoholic beverage with a 14% to 17% volume content, made from a mixture of water, yeast and steamed rice, a small part of which has been previously sown with a microscopic fungus, the koji, to allow better fermentation.

This, is Junmai-Daiginjo.

Alcohol: 16%
Type of rice: Yamada-Nishiki
Rice polishing ratio: 39%
Bottle size: 720ml


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